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You are Enough! Here's Why...

“Enough” Such a simple word holds immense weight in our lives. For years, I grappled with the concept of being “enough” – enough for success, love, and happiness. I carried the burden of feeling insufficient, unworthy, and undeserving, which colored every aspect of my existence.

Growing up, I felt like I was always an outlier. I was the black sheep who didn't quite fit the mold. Bullied, marginalized, overlooked – I carried these scars with me, both visible and invisible. Despite my accomplishments and my potential, I couldn't shake the feeling that I wasn't worthy of the good thing's life had to offer, as anything good would never be mine. 

This is my journey, and it has been marked by pain, loss, struggle, but also resilience. Growing up I never had a silver spoon in my mouth, in fact for majority of my life I felt like I was fighting "demons" I never deserved. I felt like life always gave me the short end of the stick, like I was always stuck with the joker card.

But through it all, I realized that my worth was not defined by my shortcomings or by the challenges I faced. I realized that I was more than the sum of my past traumas and struggles. I realized that I was, and always had been, enough. 

Starting Stepp Beauty was not just about pursuing my passion for beauty; it was about creating a space where people like me – people who felt unseen, unheard, and unvalued – could come together and find solace in their shared experiences. It was about no longer proving my worth, my intelligence, my humanity in spaces that weren't built for me. It was about waking up every morning and choosing to defy the odds, to break barriers, and seeing my scars as beauty marks. 

Yeah, I've learned it the hard way that 'being enough' isn't something you need to beg or practice for. It's simply something innate within us, despite the stories we tell ourselves. So yeah, YOU are ENOUGH simply because you exist. You are a child of the divine, made in the image of the most high, and nothing – no hardship, no setback, no obstacle – can diminish that truth.

So, to anyone who has ever questioned their worth, felt like they didn't measure up, or wondered if they were enough – I want you to know this: you are. You are more than enough. You are worthy of love, of success, of happiness. You MATTER, period.

The next time you ask yourself, “what is enough?” remember this: the answer is you. You are a masterpiece, a beacon of light in a world too often shrouded in darkness. Embrace your worth, embrace your truth, and never forget that you are enough and always have been.



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