Our journey began with Shanice's unwavering inspiration to revolutionize the beauty industry. At our core, we aim to challenge conventional beauty standards and establish an all-embracing space that honors every facet of beauty.

Our guiding philosophy converges self-care and self-discovery, emphasizing the belief that true beauty can be attained through a holistic approach.

Beauty beyond the mirror

As a clean, holistic beauty brand, we go the extra mile, extending our focus beyond hair and body care - our goal is to enhance your entire well-being. Our primary focus revolves around promoting a toxin-free beauty approach, providing you with clean, natural, and vegan-friendly products that are incredibly effective.

What's more, our blog inspires you to cultivate beauty from the inside-out.

Embodying a kind of beauty that surpasses the mirror and stands the test of time.

Born from the rich tapestry of Jamaica and fueled by an unwavering passion for change, Shanice stands as the driving force behind our revolutionary beauty brand. With resilience as her guide and determination as her compass, she embarked on a journey from humble beginnings, armed with little more than a dream to reshape the beauty industry.

Shanice's vision extends beyond mere cosmetics; it's a mission to empower the marginalized, celebrate diversity, and redefine beauty standards. With STEPP BEAUTY, she offers not just products, but a promise—a promise of inclusivity, representation, and authenticity.

As a pioneer in the industry, Shanice challenges conventions and champions the beauty of uniqueness. She is committed to uplift marginalized communities and create a space where every individual feels valued and empowered to define beauty on their own terms.